6 Styling Tips For Your Fresh Cut Flowers

So you’re going to bring home flowers purchased from your grocery store or florist, now what! I’ve seen a lot of people just plunk them into a water vase, and that’s it. That works sometimes, but here are some quick tips to make you look like you are a pro at it.

1) Take your greens first in an ultra-wipe vase, cut the ends off to the size that you prefer, and then begun crossing the tails into the vase so that inside the vase you have tails all over. There are two reasons for this. One is because the flower arrangement now has a base and two; a criss-cross of stems makes it easier for the placing of flowers.

2) Slide in the flowers in a criss-cross if you are making a tight, low arrangement so that the stems are all around the inside of the vase. Now you should have a vase on the outside with a ring of flowers and nothing but stems showing in the center. (The more stems you have in the vase, the easier it will be to have flowers stay put!) Each time you get them in, the rows of flowers will be higher until you have a nice rounded arrangement.

3) Then use a tall slim vase if you are making a tall arrangement. Your flowers are going to hold up better and look well proportioned. Gladiola, blue delphinium, lilies, snapdragons, etc. are perfect flowers to use. You can get tall tulips occasionally and that looks good too.

4) A style flaw I have always seen is the perfectly even arrangement of the flowers in a vase. That it looks unnatural is the reason this doesn’t work. Look at any garden and you’ll see some of the blooms poking out, some of them tucked in; some of them are almost covered but still add to the overall look. Mimic nature and you’re not going to go wrong! Don’t be afraid to tuck in a piece of any of those flowers.

5) Using odd numbers of flowers is a reasonable rule of thumb. What I mean by that is to use three roses or five together. Not even numbers are as effective. For eg, if you use 5 roses, place 3 together near the bottom center of the vase and then two higher up (touching but at slightly different lengths).

6) If you are very new to floral design, the next best advice I can give you is to gather pictures of floral arrangements you like, and practice when looking at the pictures with the tips I have mentioned above. You’ll be looking like a pro before long!

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